Biggest Party Planning Mistake

101_0138Whether you are planning a graduation party or a wedding, cheaper is not always better…but it is cheaper. We have all experienced the difference between something that is “cheaply made” and something that is “a lot of value for the money”.

Depending on the type of outdoor event you are hosting, don’t make the mistake of renting a cheap tent that will look bad or fall on your guests during any extreme weather conditions such as high winds or pounding rain.

There are many reasons why it is better to go with a professional rental company instead of an online source or borrowing from friends and neighbors.

  1. Maintenance – Is the tent you are renting or borrowing clean and sturdy? Chances are it’s not. Over the Top Tent Rental guarantees quality products that are hand cleaned with chairs and tables that match and are sturdy.
  2. Quality – Any professional event rental company puts tents up on a weekly basis and knows what they are doing. Getting the tent anchored down to the ground correctly and ensuring that it will hold up in all weather conditions with out leaks is a must.
  3. Peace of mind – Over the Top Tent Rental guarantees that our products and services meet and pass all inspections including fire, cleanliness and safety specifications. We go the extra mile to check on your tent the morning before your event if a storm has passed by the night before.

Like the old saying goes “Cheaper is not always better”. Renting a tent is one area where you need to be careful about cutting costs. Over the Top Tent Rental offers popular tent rental and accessory packages helping you to save money on your event rental needs!

Locally owned and operated in since 2007, Over the Top Tent Rental strives to offer you the best quality party rentals for any event. Give us a call at our Aurora (330) 285-7828 or Willougby (440) 724-2617 location and our staff will be happy to help you!

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